Kenji Higuchi (with Eng.sub)

Kenji Higuchi reveals the truth of radiation exposure workers, poison gas victims and public nuisance victims.



魚ずみ ちえこさんの写真
魚ずみ ちえこさんの写真
魚ずみ ちえこさんの写真

Kenji Higuchi is the only photo journalist who has been telling the truth about the victims of Nuclear power plant, Poison iland, War and Economic growth , desires of large companies and dictators .
He is 78 years old. He has been taking pictures for about 50years.
For ordinary people and working class , the victims.

樋口健二氏は 原発、毒ガスの島、戦争、経済成長など 大企業と独裁者たちの犠牲者たちの真実を語り続けている
彼は78歳。 もう50年ちかく撮り続けている。